Go Native Tree Farm recommends these two books.  We make an effort to stock every species mentioned in them.

Both can be purchased locally or from Amazon through the links provided under the book titles. 

The USDA maintains an extensive archive of planting informtion.  Of particular interest is the planting hardiness zone map,  which allows you to be sure that the species you select will survive in your area.  You can look up a species by name to find the hardiness zone; find your particular zone; and list all species that will survive in a particular zone. 

The Federal Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program, or CREP,  promotes reforestation of farmland and restoration of riparian barriers or tree-lines around streams.  This helps reduce flash flooding and silt runoff, which have become prevalent as more agricultural areas are being converted into high-density housing developments.  The program is federally funded but locally administered.  Go through the USDA Service Center Locator page to find your local Field Office.  Please note that these links may change as the Federal government reorganizes its web sites.