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Lancaster,PA 17603
Nursery  Address: 678 S Chiques Rd Manheim, PA 17545
Office Address: 2310 Chestnut View Drive Lancaster, PA 17603
Dedicated to the understanding, preservation, and recovery of the Eastern American forest

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Note: You are welcome to visit our native plant nursery located at 678 S Chiques Rd, Manheim, PA.  To assure best use of your time & ours, we are by appointment only. Please contact us at  Email is a preferred method for first contact. This allows us to have hard copies of your order in our system and makes for a more convenient spring rush. As always if you're offline, old fashioned or on the road you may pick up the phone and call 717-538-0393 prior to a pickup so that you can ensure that we will be there to help you.

What’s New for 2016?

         * We are in the process of web maintenance for the next few months. Upgrading and, adding new essay pages and a contacts page along with some updated events. Please check back and bare with us during our time under construction. Thank you.

    We now accept VISA & Mastercard credit cards, via phone, fax, mail or in person. Also due to
increased request for photos of our plants we have made a Facebook page, featuring some of our most popular native trees and shrubs. We will be adding more photos of rare species as time goes on. Please visit, like and friend us on our new Facebook page.

    Welcome to the fastest growing native plant nursery website for the mid-Atlantic region’s newest “growth trend”.  Along with our trees, we are growing!  We have added many new species and have increased our growing capacity. We love native plants here at Go Native Tree Farm. Preserving natives is great for many reasons. For example, less care is needed once established. Some species can grow 5' a year making a shade tree in little time, saving electric and offsetting hundreds of carbon emissions pounds.

We have updated our species list for the 2015 season, and we will be attending regional plant shows in the near future where you can talk to us and purchase native plants in person.  The species list can be found in the "Price List" link; check the "Events" link for details about upcoming shows. Please check back frequently for updates on new plants and events.

    Go Native Tree Farm is pleased to offer a superior selection of container-grown US eastern native plants for the wholesale and retail customer.  We are a family-operated small business located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  Lancaster County is widely known as the Garden Spot of Pennsylvania, and is famous for its well-kept farms and Amish tradition.  Many of the trees we grow are known locally as Amish farm trees, based on their regular appearance in the yards of local farms. 

Most of the trees we grow are started from local native seed sources. We collect these seeds our selves from plants with good health and seeds. A focus is on native fruit and nut trees, troubled and rare native species, and climax species found in the oak-hickory forest prevalent in the mid-Atlantic region.  It can require hundreds of years, if not longer, for nature to regenerate the varied mix of native climax forest trees once present on cleared land.  Through our business, it is now possible to immediately restore original forest species. 

We offer trees for a variety of applications:
We also offer advice on the best selection for your needs. We invite you to contact us, preferably by email, to receive a free recommendation for a native tree mix.  You will need to provide us with information on where you are interested in planting.  This should include location, hillside versus bottomland, direction of slope, soil type, and your desired results.

We invite you to visit the selection of our native nursery farm-grown trees listed on the product price list. We also invite you to contact us to locate any native eastern tree or size not listed, and we will locate it for you. We offer quantity discounts for wholesale and large order customers.